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Welcome to the website about BORIS BULKIN and his Stainless Blues Band!

Boris N. Bulkin - is one of most famous musicians on russian blues stage. He got a very spicy kind of vocal and own "non-classical" guitar playing style. Very long time Bulkin has got many followers, that are now russian famous blues and rock guitarists. Boris and "Stainless BluesBand" played in "Russia" concert hall in together concert with Chuck Berry, that had Moscow tour at 1997. Bulkin began his musician one's career since 1970. Since 1982 'till 1986 - B.B. was a guitarist in famous russian blues group "Liga Bluza" ("Blues League") of Nikolay Arutyunov.From 1974 before today Bulkin created four serious projects:

1974 - 1982 "Weekend"
1986 - 2002 "Volnyi Stil" ("Free Style")
1994 - 1995 "Hot Style Вand"
Since 1994 - "Stainless Blues Band"

Now "Stainless Blues Band" plays about 20 concerts monthly in the different Moscow night clubs and at other cities stages.
15 years of stage activity made SBB a regular club band in Moscow. The group has got a big experience of the work on the different stages - from the little pubs to the stadiums.
"Stainless Blues Band" music - is a fusion of old blues spirit and new rock traditions power. In group's playlist You can find the songs of world music stars : Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Santana, Sting, Stevie Wonder, "Animals", "Rolling Stones"... But any old hit in SBB version sounds absolutely different way, sometime in really hard performance. But always SBB plays in the concerts traditional blues numbers.
"Everyday I have the BLUES"!! :-)

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